Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Halfling Bards"
Played by Paul Sabourin
Name Grundle
Species Halfling
Occupation Bard

Grundle is a Halfling bard, and with his brother nymbee forms one of Foons most popular musical duos. Grundle is prone to believing conspiracy theories, such as the Tri-Lateral Wizards' Consortium and the Jus (Juniparians).

They have another brother, Grundle II, who travels without a partner and fools people by copying their act.

Grundle is played by Paul Sabourin, half of the musical duo Paul and Storm.


It is not known if he is related to Mundle the Grundle or if he is "Grundle" in name only. Mundle at least does not fit the description of a halfling.


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