Grunkle the Garbage Lady
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Garbage Lady"
Played by Betsy Sodaro
Name Grunkle
Species half-human, half mud/rock
Occupation Garbage Lady

Grunkle is the garbage lady of Foon. As the Garbage Lady, she eats everyone's garbage. Her human mother was also a garbage eater, and her father was some mud.

Grunkle wasn’t allowed in the tavern for 13 years because she once had so much mead, beer, and rotisserie chicken that she diarrhea-ed everywhere and popped out a monster which she had to battle.


  • Grunkle seems able to eat just about anything (including a guillotine) but she especially enjoys broken wands, cauldrons full of failed spells, and bones.
  • She is not good at doing anything else; she once tried riding a horse, but it turned out to be a cactus.
  • She has to regularly knead herself to stay moist and not turn into adobe.

Grunkle is played by Betsy Sodaro.


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