Season 1

# Title Guest(s)
1 Hello From The Magic Tavern Chunt; Usidore
2 Tom The Traveler Tomblain Belaroth, Prince of the Northeast Kingdom
3 Flower Flower
4 The FML Larry Birdman, Foon Mittens League Chairman
5 Foon's Greatest Swordsman Jak Vorpal, Swordsman
6 The Vermilion Minotaur Otok Barleyfoot, Owner and Proprietor of The Vermilion Minotaur
7 Princess Trachea-Aurelia Belaroth Trachea-Aurelia Belaroth, Princess of the Northeast Kingdom; Otok Barleyfoot
8 Pimbly Nimblebottom Pimbly Nimblebottom the Imp; Otok Barleyfoot
9 Goblins Inta and Nerf, goblin couple; Otok Barleyfoot
10 Homesick None
11 The Eunuch Benedict Whisperbrew
12 Krom The Barbarian Krom the Barbarian
13 Boys' Night None
14 Music of Foon Glenn Miller; Spants
15 Transdimensional Deliveryman Don the Transdimensional Deliveryman
16 Spintax The Green Spintax the Green
17 D'athaniel Quen'yarvin D'athaniel Quen'yarvin the elvish archer
18 Blemish Blemish; Otok Barleyfoot
19 The Namer Merlinda Flimpery the Namer
20 The Wedding Planner Souza Gurnick the Wedding Planner
21 No Arnie Tomblain Belaroth
22 Sarah Memory Gremlin
23 Soul Walker Soul Walker
24 The Plan Spintax the Green
25 Eagles Craw and Flappy the Eagles
26 Hunger Ghost Hungho the Hunger Ghost
27 Not Dead Glenn Miller; Spants; Flower
28 Forever Girl Eternia the Forever Girl
29 The Scholar The Scholar, librarian of the Great Halls of Terr'akkas
30 The Midwife Uteriah Valasuvius the Midwife
31 Bridge Troll Clovis the Bridge Troll
32 Offices & Bosses Metamore
33 Spurt The Elder Spurt the Elder, Foon Chronicler
34 Chunt For Red October Chip von Pierre and Bippy von Pierre, Vampire couple
35 Earth Stuff Benedict Whisperbrew
36 Low Battery None
37 Tannakin The Pinglet Tannakin the Pinglet
38 Letters None
39 Can The Wizard Can the Wizard
40 Chu Chu's Chow Leonard Cronkite, Head Chef
41 Skeleton Clacks/Clax
42 Winter Solstice Glenn Miller; Spants
Winter Solstice Bonus Glenn Miller; Spants
43 Sharks Lois, A Shark, an actual shark; Louis A. Shark, human captain in the Foonish Navy
44 Arnor The Warrior Arnor the Warrior
45 The First Jew of Foon Peter Smith, First Jew in Foon
46 Assassin Honk the Assassin
47 Otok's Quest Otok Barleyfoot; Flower; Krom the Barbarian
48 DQ Returns D'athaniel Quen'yarvin
49 Princess Phillipa Princess Phillipa
50 Larry Birdman Larry Birdman
51 Baron Ragoon Baron Ragoon
52 One Year None
53 Tom the Nominee Tomblain Belaroth
54 Witch Claudia
55 Homunculus Metanoid the Homunculus
56 Dungeon Guard Chad
57 Dreamclimber Thretta Dreamclimber
58 Keeper of the Doom Horn Melchoir, Keeper of the Doom Horn
59 Dr. Ward Dr. Ward
60 Confidential Courier Jimminent Turlybirther, Confidential Courier
61 Sheriff Gianessa Relkorus
62 The Healer Crance Windowwhistle
63 The Singing Sword Jak Vorpal; Singing Sword
64 Jamillious the Mauve Jamillious the Mauve
65 Dancer Josh Swollensword
66 The Curse Dorian Deville
67 Ooze Ooze
68 The Princess and the Eunuch Trachea-Aurelia Belaroth; Benedict Whisperbrew
69 Halfling Bards nymbee; Grundle
70 Goblin Queen Fibro Myalgia the Goblin Queen
71 Two Headed Conjoined Fairy Princess Lyrica, Two Headed Conjoined Fairy Princess
72 Last of the Singled Out Folk Gracie the Lonely Cult Member
73 Chunt's Night Melchoir; Spurt the Elder; Louis A. Shark; Lois, A Shark; D'athaniel Quen'yarvin
74 Letters and Packages None
75 Make-Up Artist Germ Crust, Make-Up Artist
76 Pandenomicon Pandenomicon
77 The Baron and the Frog Baron Ragoon; Squibbert
78 The Bandit King Bandit King
79 Real Estate Agent Axelrod ReMax
80 Inta and Nerf Inta and Nerf
Interlude — Mirror World Carnival Wilson; Wendigo Wilson; Usidore the Black; Tannakin the Terrible
81 Siren Ursula Gurney the Siren
82 Chunt for Red October 2: Clear and Present Badger Simon Lemmington Bartholomew the Monster Hunter
83 Tree Caball’on Valentin, a tree; Pizza Skull
84 Memory Gremlin Memory Gremlin
85 Unicorn Windsprinkle the Unicorn
86 Overworked Fairy Ross the Fairy
87 Missing Fathers Pandenomicon; Ffffp the sentient vapor; Arnor
88 Dragonborn Preckle
89 Jyn’Leeviyah the Red Jyn’Leeviyah the Red
90 Dwarf Lager Brewerhead, Dwarven Brewer
91 Magic Turkey Charles the Turkey; Spurt the Elder
92 Resonance Stone Otok Barleyfoot; Flower; Krom the Barbarian
Winter Solstice Bonus 2016 Spants; Metamore
93 Goblin General Leebad Fellatio
94 Sarah for Real Can the Wizard
95 Tom the Spy Tomblain Belaroth
96 Mic Test Clax; Ooze
97 Kobold Traach the Mercantile Kobold
98 King of the Badger Talbot the Badger
99 Push Ups Tabula the Butterfly; Erin the Reverse-Mermaid
100 Usidore's Quest Pimbly Nimblebottom; Germ Crust; Evil Tannakin the Pinglet; Squibbert; Baron Ragoon; The Dark Lord


# Title Guest(s)
Interlude Chicago Barbara Glasshouse; Dr. Greg DeBunny; Inta and Nerf
Interlude Cowboy World Miss Quibbert
Interlude Scenes from Foon Arnor; Soul Walker; Axelrod ReMax; Trachea-Aurelia Belaroth; Benedict Whisperbrew; Metanoid

Season 2

# Title Guest(s)
1 The Podcast Baron Ragoon
2 Birdman of Hogsface Larry Birdman
3 Satyr and Beholder Globulous the Bowtied Beholder; Dustin Hoofman the Satyr
4 Not the Sheriff Gianessa Relkorus
5 Jayme and Sayme Baron Ragoon; Jayme and Sayme Ragoon
6 Mouse Momo the mouse
7 Carfoonist Charles Schmutz the Carfoonist
8 Dripfang Dripfang the Chef Inquisitor
9 Herbalists Fig and Maple Milkweed
10 Bro-taur Brodus Tarver the Taur
11 Surveillance Spider Sigent the Spider
12 Unwed Mother Daphne the Unwed Mother
13 Gargoyle Girl Hergle the Gargoyle
14 Elf Help D'athaniel Quen'yarvin; Caball’on Valentin
15 But What About Flower? Flower
16 Tom the Girlfriend Baron Ragoon; Lady Eliza Parts; A Series of Bats
17 Crazy Jared Blemish
18 The Basement Blemish; 52 Sacks of Flour
19 Momo Momo
20 King Krom Krom the Barbarian
21 Gnome Aprel Füls the Gnome
22 Twins Jayme and Sayme Ragoon
23 Used Horse Salesman Rocky Cocodino
24 Book Club: The Great Gatsby Flower; Claudia; Metanoid
25 Sit in a Circle Kermit the Raven; Braidwynn the Warrior Elf; Timbo; Matt Dabbin'; Jasmine Honeygem
26 A Short One Twosidore the Casual
27 But What About Forever Girl? Eternia
28 Gettin' Nuts Mister Chauncey; Tomblain Belaroth; Alice Corn
29 Nymph Gary the Forest Nymph
30 Chunt For Red October 3: The Sum Of All Rears Nathan Goodboy
31 Bard, Elf and Fortune Teller Devan Whistlestring the Bard; D'athaniel Quen'yarvin; Borghilde the Fortune Teller
32 Dark Lord’s Birthday Party Baron Ragoon; Dripfang; Claudia; Evil Tannakin the Pinglet; Cockroach Clown; Tomblain Belaroth; The Dark Lord
33 Necromancer Performance Review Dripfang
34 Pulcifer the Unassuming Pulcifer the Unassuming
35 New Guy SAD Bard; Barth; Bungaree Chubbins
36 Blessed Troll Craig Davis
37 Crone Crone Bakeress
38 Treasure Chest Chest Trünkborn
39 nymbee and Grundle nymbee; Grundle
40 Cockatrice Patti the Cockatrice
41 Blue Chris-Must Cerulean and Azure, with Lioncelot
42 Tomorrow Wade the Phoenix; Janet the Will-o’-the-Wisp
43 Former Bird Bertramus the former crow
44 Deputy Weaver of Parallel Truths nymbee; Conrad Von Plotz
45 Night of the Oversharing Dead None
46 Lightbringers of Hogsface Momo; Jak Vorpal; Singing Sword
47 Mittens Returns Larry Birdman
48 Eunuch Tutor Benedict Whisperbrew
Interlude — Hey Kids, it's a Magic Tavern! Flower; Blemish
49 Three Years Winky Silks; Michael Gunch
50 Reply All Wizards Alex Goldman, Spintax the Green
51 Squibbert Squibbert; Chest Trünkborn; Talbot the Badger
52 Wheel Bear Wheel Bear
53 Advanced Offices & Bosses Metamore
54 Fangy Yelly Memory Gremlin

Guest List in Alphabetical Order

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