Hans Hoffman
Hans Hoffman
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Mothman"
Played by Hank Green
Name Hans Hoffman
Species Mothman
Occupation Scientist

Hans Hoffman is a mothman who believes in science over magic.

Like all Mothmen, he spent much of his early life (~60 years) as a giant caterpillar, before it broke into with smaller Mothmen, including Hans and his seven siblings. He states that the Mothman love of lamps is a myth, but confirms other Mothman traits like a hatred of bridges and a refusal to pay for goods and services with gold. He can fly.

Hans own interests are focused on Science: the belief that there are deeper explanations for natural phenomenon than magic can provide. He has invented "gum," and has plans for a "sword gun".

With other members of the Foonian Science Society he puts out a regular scroll promoting Science, which can be found in many major cities.

Hans Hoffman, Science Mothman is played by Hank Green.


  • Season 2, Ep 94 — "Mothman (w/ Hank Green)"
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