Hey Tavern Tavern!

Hello from the Magic Tavern Presents: Hey Tavern Tavern! is a spin-off miniseries set roughly during season three of the main podcast. Season one premiered on Stitcher Premium in February 2021.

Hey Tavern Tavern!
Lost in Foon logo
Hosts Chunt, Momo, Hornelius the Fintaur
First episode February 24, 2021
Network Stitcher
Producers Arnie Niekamp
Matt Young
Adal Rifai
Theme music Andy Poland
Logo Allard Laban

Chunt, Momo the Mouse and Hornelius the Fintaur, setting up shop in The Saucy Elk, are here to answer all the questions in Foon about love, sex, relationships and awkward situations! As they help others with all things romance, will they be able to help themselves and heed their own advice? The ships that sink the most are ‘Relationships’!

Table of Contents


Season One

No. in season Title Original air date
1 "Every Kiss Begins with Snakes" February 24, 2021
Chunt, Momo and Hornelius kick off their first episode by divulging their personal relationship goals! From there the love experts focus their attention on helping: a Gorgon with her sex life, a knight with a secret, a time-traveler in a pickle and many more love related questions from around Foon! There’s no condom for your heart!
2 "Well That’s a Never-mind!" March 3, 2021
Chunt, Momo and Hornelius are back at the Saucy Elk and this week, they're dishing out advice to all the funky creatures in the land! We have a lonely soul trapped in a time loop, a braggadocios Ouroboros, ancient trees struggling and vampires looking for reciprocity! There's no height requirement for an emotional rollercoaster!
3 "Any Witch Way Butt Moose!" March 10, 2021
Chunt, Momo and Hornelius are back and helping a Siren with her calling! They also learn about Dr. Eagle and his nefarious schemes, help Hornelius get over his ex-boat and Chunt schedules a date during the episode! Even a broken heart is right twice a day!
4 "Cuck Cuck Goose!" March 17, 2021
The crew is falling apart and a little on edge! They're trying not to be hurtful to each other so they tackle what to do when your partner is possessed by a demon, how to sustain a polyamorous relationship, how to avoid slug lords, what to name a Gnome baby, and much much more! If you can't be with the one you love, love that one witch!
5 "A Doll Terrifies!" March 24, 2021
Chunt, Momo and Hornelius are trying out some new mantras and dishing out high fives all round! The gang also dissects passing gas in a relationship, tackles HPV and gets a visit from the scariest of HAUNTED DOLLS! You can't spell happiness without piness! *Apology Bell*
6 "The Day the Pigs Died" March 31, 2021
Chunt, Momo & Hornelius are really starting to crack while looking for the lost Mojo! The crew tackles awkward dinner conversations, how to handle getting your head eaten, trust issues with a magical needle and whether that's fur or pants! Why does it have to be an ORGASM? Why can't it be an ANDGASM?!
7 "The End a.k.a. MojoMomoOHNO" April 7, 2021
Chunt, Momo & Hornelius reflect on their journey and say goodbye to the Saucy Elk and solving Foon's problems! There's also Mail Hag McTouchy getting a glow up, ambulatory dough masturbating, Moss Wolf wet dreams, naughty witches, Breakfast Island and the return of Haunted Doll & Moose! Shoot for the stars, because even if you miss, you'll die in space.
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