Hildy Shiblin
Hildy Shiblin
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Ancient Turtle"
Played by Olivia Nielsen
Name Hildy Shiblin
Species turtle
Occupation ancient turtle

Hildy Shiblin is an ancient turtle who is thousands of years old.

Hildy is so ancient she personally knew the Goddesses Foo, Ooo, and Oon and was able to give feedback on their creation of Foon as it happened. Her favorite times were prior to the year 3000, when meanness was invented. She has had multiple husbands, but never sticks around to raise her eggs.

She spent a 400 years serving as Duke of the Ocean, an elected position that includes supervising the tides. For a time she was a thief who sunk and looted ships. The targets were selected for her by a villainous employer she never met. She has however been long retired and now enjoys taking cruises.

She wears a flower on her head and her shell is inscribed with beautiful poetry and a dangerous curse.

On Hello From the Magic Tavern

Hildy takes a cruise onboard the SS Stephanie, where she meets Arnie, Chunt, & Usidore.

After her first appearance on the podcast she dies, having failed to file the paperwork to renew her eons-old corporeal form. She is enjoying being a ghost.

She's dating a blobfish and attending Knight school. She possesses Arnie, Chunt, & Usidore, and is possessed by Arnie in turn. Confronted with seeing her remains put to rest Hildy decides to return to life, and with Chunt & Usidore's help updates her corporeal form paperwork.

Hildy Shiblin is played by Olivia Nielsen.


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