Hogsface is a town in Foon. It is known as a tourist destination thanks to its coastal beaches and fine cuisine. It sits alongside the Everyroad, a main road that traverses Foon, and beside McShingleshane Forest.

Former Names

Although the area was once known as Barbathia, Hogsface itself has had many different names through the years:

  • Hogface (up until the eleventh episode of the podcast)
  • Pigsvisage
  • Porkchin
  • Sowton
  • Snouttown
  • Buttbutt
  • Chopsville
  • Lointown

Landmarks & Businesses

Inhabitants include:

  • Chunt, a shapeshifter
  • Usidore, a wizard
  • Arnie, a human from another dimension
  • Otok Barleyfoot, owner of the Vermilion Minotaur
  • Blemish, former employee of the Vermilion Minotaur
  • Flower, a flower
  • Pimbly Nimblebottom, an imp, and bartender at Chu Chu's Chow
  • Bungaree Chubbins, owner of Chubbins' Chamber Pots & So Forth
  • Metamore, a stableboy and avid Offices & Bosses player
  • Jak Vorpal, Foon's greatest swordsman, and bakery owner
  • Uteriah Valasuvius, a midwife
  • Tannakin, a pinglet who came to Hogsface fleeing Witch attacks. She is raising funds to likewise transport her fellows to town.
  • Gianessa Relkorus, town Sheriff
  • Dugwrenth, Deputy to Sheriff Relkorus, and former blacksmith
  • Claudia, a witch and owner of the magic shop Incense & Amulets
  • Leonard Cronkite, a half-giant and Head Chef of Chu Chu's Chow
  • Chad, a dungeon guard
  • Grandel, a dungeon guard
  • Rifkin, a blacksmith. Rumor has it he lives with his mother
  • Gavin Dildohammer, a dwarvish bottler. Rumor has it he has recently run off to Migas with a woman not his by-law wife.
  • Pizza Skull, Foon's Pizza Champion
  • Two-Toe Juan, bookie in Hogsface, formerly a gambler of Chorroth
  • Fleek, a sad man who sells teeth
  • Clevon Littlebird. Rumor has it he has recently donned the cloak of mourning.
  • Several unwed mothers
  • Mortimer Wortimer, a deli owner
  • Mundle the Grundle
  • Rocky Cocodino, an ex-squire who now sells used warhorses
  • Daphne, and unwed mother and tavern wench at The Vermilion Minotaur
  • Chest Trünkborn, a mimic who resides in the Vermilion Minotaur
  • Paul Miller, another baker and rival of Jak Vorpal's
  • Grunkle the garbage lady
  • Drew and orphan and "Trash Kan Kid," as well as a worshiper of Arnie
  • Skumbawumbabingbong, a being who lives under a pavind stone in the main square & works at the riverbank
  • Bromley, a regular member of Metamore's Offices & Bosses group, who has a hygiene problem
  • Wilfred, a walrus who plays Offices & Bosses with Metamore
  • Zoomaboom, a pixie with an exhausting manic personality disorder, who plays Offices & Bosses with Metamore
  • Boomazoom, a worm who drinks a lot of coffee
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