Horses are an animal species native to both Foon and Earth.

The fastest horses in Foon are:

  • Serendipity, currently the fastest horse in Foon
  • Grimhoof, trusted steed friend of Usidore and fifth fastest horse in the realm

The Used Horse Salesman Rocky Cocodino sells horses both mundane and magical in the town of Hogsface. He has sold a wide horse named Choad to the wizard Usidore.1

Usidore himself has a knack for conjuring tiny horses with tiny top hats, tiny saddles, and many buttholes.

A minion of The Dark Lord is his "Social Media Manager" (not pronounced the way it looks), a horse with a flaming head and spider legs.


According to horse lore, the great Horse Lords of yore had eight legs and were large enough to eat buildings.2

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