Hey Tavern Tavern: Season 1, Ep 2 - Well That’s a Never-mind!
Well That’s a Never-mind!
Hey Tavern Tavern episode
Hey Tavern Tavern
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 2
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-Production Coordination Garrett Schultz
Special Assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
Editor Chris Rathjen
Hey Tavern Tavern Logo Allard Laban
Theme Song Arne Parrott
Original air date March 3, 2021
Adal Rifai as Chunt
Erin Keif as Momo
John Patrick Coan as Hornelius the Fintaur
Casey Toney as Tom Moonchild
Ryan DiGiorgi as Craig
Episode chronology
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"Every Kiss Begins with Snakes" "Any Witch Way Butt Moose!"

"Well That’s a Never-mind!" is the second episode of the first season of Hey Tavern Tavern. It was originally released on March 3, 2021. This miniseries takes place sometime during season three of the main podcast.


Chunt, Momo and Hornelius are back at the Saucy Elk and this week, they're dishing out advice to all the funky creatures in the land! We have a lonely soul trapped in a time loop, a braggadocios Ouroboros, ancient trees struggling and vampires looking for reciprocity! There's no height requirement for an emotional rollercoaster!


Foon Sponsor

The witch Tom Moonchild has an app that'll give you sex dreams of a startling nature.

Space bunker

Craig & PV3 have stowed away on a RoboCorp freighter that they hope will take them to their goal.

Earth references


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