Hunger Ghost

A hunger ghost is the ghost of a person who has died while hungry. If someone has just eaten, they are considered "hungry" until the food has digested.


When a hungry person dies, their soul goes up to the Great Sky Lord and is assigned a new name. They are also informed of the one food they can eat that will permanently end their hunger. However, in a cruel twist, that food will never be available to the hunger ghost to eat. Meanwhile, a demon is sent down to the ghost's original body, where they take a picture of its penis (burrowing into its garments if necessary). The Great Sky Lord then uses this picture to mock the hunger ghost by showing it to them and explaining that they will never be able to use their penis again. (Presumably, similar shaming occurs for people without penises.)


  • Constantly hungry
  • Cannot use many parts of their body, particularly the genitals
  • Does not have cool ghost powers
  • Must open doors and move other obstacles by hand

Hunger Ghosts in Foon

  • Chunt's father Hungho
  • a hunger ghost living in Usidore's hat


  • Hunger ghosts (as well as normal ghosts) are often tingle addicts, and make the typical "woooo" ghost noise when on the drug.
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