Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Hunger Ghost"
Played by Brett Lyons
Name Hungho
Species Hunger ghost
Occupation None

Hungho (pronounced ˈhjugoʊ) is a hunger ghost, and Chunt's father.

Hungho the Hunger Ghost is played by Brett Lyons.

Mortal Life

Before he became a hunger ghost, his name was Brant. He died at his wedding when the 40th straight arrow hit him while he was eating the wedding cake, and passed away before his body could digest the cake. However, he had already had sex with his wife during the traditional wedding dance, thus proving their love and conceiving Chunt.

As a Hunger Ghost

He was assigned the name "Hungho" by the Great Sky Lord upon becoming a hunger ghost. The food that will cure his hunger is the root of the extinct ausuigo tree. He may have an addiction problem with tingle.

Personal Life

His ex-wife is a manticore. They met during Vwishtash, by the fire pond (which was extra fiery due to it being Vwishtash), where he saw her having sex with another woman. Eventually, they got married and had a shapeshifter son, Chunt. He is currently separated from his wife, who has moved on to other partners, and he spends his time wandering Foon looking for food.


  • His name is pronounced like the Earth name "Hugo".
  • He tells the best knock-knock jokes, though years of death have dulled his humor slightly.
  • He is excellent at operating a kiln.


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