I Am Spintax!: Season 1, Ep 7 - Two Scoops!
Two Scoops!
I Am Spintax! The Podcast! episode
I Am Spintax! The Podcast!
Air date January 2, 2020
Episode no. Season 1, Ep 7
Episode Link
Charlie McCrackin as Spintax
Jess McKenna as Jess
Edgar Momplaisir as Salmagundi
Ryan DiGiorgi as Craig
Mike O'Brien as Anthony Richard Raisinblast
Producers Matt Young, Kimmie Lucas
Editor Chris Rathjen
Post-production coordination Garrett Schultz
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi, Arnie Niekamp, Charlie McCrackin
Theme music Andy Poland
Logo Allard Laban
Episode chronology
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"Two Scoops!" is the seventh episode of the I Am Spintax! miniseries. It was originally released on January 2, 2020.


In a final push to return to Foon, Spintax seeks one of Earth's most powerful forces, cereal mascots.


Spintax requires a scootch more magic to return to Foon, and seeks out a symbol of corporate power.

They find themselves face to face with Anthony Richard Raisinblast, a living sun created to promote the two scoops of raisins in Raisin Bran cereal. Anthony discusses the indignities of being a living mascot, the chief of which was being created without a penis.

Spintax magically assists him with the latter before siphoning his powers. His magic reserves finally topped off, Spintax opens a portal to Foon.

Spintax says his goodbyes, first to Salmagundi. As emotions swell, Sal begins to glow. He magically transforms from a collection of celebrity corpses and 13 dead coyotes, to a single live coyote. He expresses great joy in his new form.

Spintax’s goodbye to Jess is interrupted by “Sideways” Jess. The other Jess McKenna who has been living her normal life while this Jess was in service to Spintax has arrived to kill her doppelgänger, but with the aid of a mirror sword from Spintax our Jess prevails. Salmagundi devours the other Jess cadaver, leaving the Jess we know free to replace her.

Spintax says a final goodbye to Earth, and steps through the portal to Foon.

Space bunker

After a few harrowing close calls, Craig and PV3 have made their way to the commissary. It turns out that before the Epsilon scientists were killed they discovered a weakness in the aliens to corn syrup and carbonation, so Craig is calling on his old skills as a vending machine technician to cook up a plan. While they finish up, Craig transmits the final episode, but not before using the Space Bunker intercom to alert all the aliens to their location.

The aliens are about to break in, but PV3 suggests that it's more dramatic if Craig reads the credits first. When the aliens breach the commissary, Craig and PV3 spray them with cans of soda, then unleash the vending machines on the alien queen. Craig can't think of a better way of ending their road trip.


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