Inta and Nerf
Inta and Nerf
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Goblins"
Played by Marla Caceres (Inta), Eddie Piña (Nerf)
Name Inta and Nerf
Species Goblin
Occupation Mother and dancer

Inta and Nerf are Goblins.

Nerf was created when Inta imagined her perfect mate, and he grew out of her while she slept. They were recently married around the time Arnie came to Foon, and spent their honeymoon at The Lake. They have a very amorous relationship.

Both have worked in the mines but have other aspirations. Nerf is a somewhat well-known goblin dancer who performs in the underground markets. His hobbies include building models, sewing, and crafting. Inta is a vicious warrior, enjoys learning languages, and has considered becoming an interpreter.

At the time of their first appearance on the podcast they had 17 children(there were 18 and a half initially, but one and a half died), by their second visit they had 35.5 with another litter on the way. Inta's horns are constantly lactating.

Inta has two sisters, Ina and Antairina, and a (permanently?)deceased father named Brim.

Inta is played by Marla Caceres, and Nerf is played by Eddie Piña.


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