Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date February 27, 2017
Episode no. S01E100A
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Hosts Sarah, Adal Rifai
Guests Inta and Nerf, Dr. Greg DeBunny, Barbara Glasshouse
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Associate Producer {$associateproducer}
Editor Ryan DiGiorgi
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Audio assistance Jason Knox
Production assistance Garrett Schultz
Charming Keep from Mighty Games
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"Chicago" is an interlude episode that takes place after episode one hundred of season one of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on February 27, 2017.


This week on WKRH, guest host Sarah Maher discusses her paranormal disappearance and cross stitching.


Welcome to the Chicago Knitting and Supernatural Show! (aka the Wiccan Knitting Radio Hour when it was hosted by Shirley.) Sarah Maher needs to solve some mysteries. About two months ago, she lost about a week of time. She's not sure what happened, but she's now an expert sword fighter; hopefully, that's a clue. She introduces her buddy to the show, Adal Rifai! She starts off by asking what his favorite stitch is, and he replies with a classic cross-stitch. Clearly, he's never knitted before.

Sarah asks Adal to weigh in on what happened the week she was gone. They usually meet a couple times a week for lunch, but she hadn't been answering any calls or texts. But he did see Arnie, who has been missing for two years. Adal went to their house and asked for Sarah, but "Arnie" says she wasn't there, so Adal just walked away. Adal remembers that he used to do improv with Arnie, and then he just stopped coming, so Adal just excepted it as the new norm.

Sarah gets back to what happened during the week she was gone. Adal boasts his vocal acting skills, but Sarah puts him in his place by sharing that he has only one good Cockney accent and that's it. Adal relents and said that he was doing some voice work for Jackbox Games for a game called Guesspionage. Sarah thinks she knows someone who used to work there. It suddenly comes to her… Ryan DiGiorgi! We love Ryan. Adal says he also does a podcast with his sister, Siblings Peculiar, that got optioned for a movie, so he's just raking in the dough right now.

Sarah goes to the phone lines to see if anyone can determine what happened to her and if they saw her that week, but some sort of interference comes through that sounds like someone saying "knit stitches and purl stitches". Sarah confirms that Adal heard it too, and confesses that the voice has been following her since she lost that week. She's not sure if it's a wizard or Santa. She says it comes and goes; Adal is seriously concerned for her, and thinks she's going crazy. But Sarah points out that Adal heard it, too. Adal suggests that maybe they concussed themselves when they both reached for his glasses and bumped heads.

Greg from Chicago just calls to say they didn't see her that week. He says he just called in because he listens for the knitting and Adal is suspicious and tries to call him out and ask what his favorite stitch is. Greg says "backwards". Sarah says there's no judgement. Greg goes on to say that he invents knitting maneuvers such as "Up" and "Sashay". Sarah asks where he was if he didn't see Sarah, and he says he was looking for himself. Adal asks if he remembers the show Greg the Bunny, then asks Greg his last name and he states it is DeBunny. It's Italian. Greg hangs up.

Sarah moves the topic to witches. Sarah says she met a few witches, but not a full on witch. They get a call from Barbara Glasshouse who is very upset that no one has mentioned Slipknot. Sarah asks if Barbara has seen her and Barbara thinks she did! However, Sarah describes herself and it turns out that Barbara thought she was 4'3" with red hair. Adal asks if she throws glass stones, and Barbara gets pissed because she was constantly teased about it growing up. Sarah tries to defuse the situation by asking if she's ever seen a witch. Barbara saw one at a Qdoba with a pointy hat. They get into an argument about how to pronounce Qdoba, among other things, and Barbara calls Adal "Adal Riffguy" as an insult. They go back to talking about multiple bands named Slipknot. Sarah hangs up on him.

Nerf calls in and says that he and his wife, Inta, are having trouble finding a 47 bedroom home and wants to know if Sarah can help. Adal gets on them for their weird names, and Sarah has to tell him to back off. Sarah asks where they are from and they say that it's complicated, so they just say Connecticut. Sarah asks why they need the rooms and they say they have a lot of family. Adal asks what their names are, clearly suspicious of them. Barbara, who had not been hung up on as previously thought, butts in and says she's a real estate agent that could help them. Adal calls her self-obsessed and it sounds like she hangs up.

Nerf asks if its customary for the husband and wife to share a room and Adal and Sarah state they are not together. They again forget that Arnie has been missing. Adal starts to sing The Lion King and Nerf says that is the song that played when he sprouted from Inta's back. Barbara butts in again about working with refugees. Sarah hangs up on her again.

Sarah asks Inta and Nerf if they've seen her during that week. They say that they have. They describe every white girl (muted color functional bag, Starbucks, says "I can't even"). Barbara pipes in again and Sarah tells her to fuck off. Inta calls Adal out on his constant riffing, but he says that he censors himself (that's a scary thought).

Sarah takes it back to her plight, and Inta and Nerf say that it happens a lot in Connecticut. Finally, it comes out that Inta and Nerf are goblins from another world. Sarah randomly asks what was the first thing they ate when they got here and they say a baby. Not cool. Sarah says that it's not good to do that here. Greg comes back on the line to say that that's gross. And then diagnoses Adal with Pop Culture Tourettes. Barbara pops back on to comment on Adal's anxiety, then Greg agrees that he has some life anxiety and assures him that not everything needs to be a pop culture reference. Which sets off more references.

Adal notices that there's a paper in front of him that says "Missing for two years - Ar" and wonders if Sarah knows what it means. They decide that Adal was a pirate for Halloween two years ago and that he lost his costume. Sarah brings it back again. She mentions something about cheese and Inta pops on to say that she makes cheese from the milk that comes out of her horns. Barbara butts in again, Sarah threatens to rip her heart out if she doesn't hang up. Adal makes a Kiefer Sutherland reference. Greg comes on to say not everything has to be a pop culture reference.

Inta asks Sarah if she has any kids, and Sarah replies that she has a two and a half year old daughter. Inta wants to know about schools for their kids. Barbara recommends Oak Park and offers to pick them up in her Escalade. Adal descends into madness.

Sarah wants to help Inta and Nerf get acclimated to Chicago. Barbara comes on the line to criticize Adal's knowledge of American history when he says he has never listened to Hamilton, or know anything about it. Sarah challenges Barbara to a duel then calls her a bitch. She says she's trying not to say that word so much in 2017.

Sarah asks them what would make them feel more at home. They say something like a swamp. The Wilson Red Line stop has come the closest to home for them. Sarah says that Chicago was built on a swamp. They say they should go there and build their own home with a sex dungeon.

Sarah says that Adal is an empath, and that he is leeching off of Sarah's anxiety. Suddenly, Usidore comes on and lets Sarah know that he is protecting Arnie. Inta and Nerf come clean that they are actually from Foon and that they know Usidore. They also confess that they've seen Arnie and Sarah gets excited. Unfortunately, it's time to wrap up. Sarah says that her and Inta should get together at their swamp and drink wine.

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