INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future
INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date March 3, 2019
Episode no. S02E97B
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Hosts Arnie, Chant, Dr. Ulrich Zadore
Guests Mysterious Man, Tricia, Craig, Sarah
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Associate Producer {$associateproducer}
Editor Garrett Schultz
Hello from the Future Logo J. Douglass
Theme music Nick Gage
Audio assistance Jason Knox
Production assistance Garrett Schultz
Additional music Nick Gage
Special thanks Andi Kristins
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"Hello from the Future" is an interlude episode set after episode ninety-seven of season two of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on March 3, 2019.


Checking in with the alternate reality versions of Arnie and the crew, transmitting from a B-movie science fiction universe. Secrets are revealed.


Space bunker intro

There’s panic in the space bunker as the Void's destruction of the multiverse seems imminent. After Craig confirms Arnie has nothing special planned for his fourth anniversary show, he instead opts to spend his last hours enjoying something new: a broadcast from a sci-fi-themed alternate universe.

The podcast

We join all-America football hero Arnie Niekamp and his co hosts: Dr. Ulrich Zadore, a scientist who launched the two of them into space 20 years ago in a rocket of his own design; and Chant, a bizarre space angel. For the last 20 years they’ve defeated numerous threats to the universe, usually through Arnie's football talents. But now Dr. Zadore has detected signs that the universe itself is collapsing, and is working furiously to determine the cause.

While Dr. Zadore works, Arnie and Chant notice they have several voicemail messages. When they listen, they hear the voice of Craig from "Space Bunker Zeta," who has been trying reach them for several weeks about a matter of much importance. Dr Zadore realizes that the messages are likely related to the phenomenon he's tracking, and they decide to summon the whole crew of Space Bunker Zeta for a report.

The Mysterious Man, Tricia, and Craig are transported over millions of light years to appear before Arnie, Chant, and Dr. Zadore, and upon appearing identify this location as Space Bunker High Command. We learn that this Arnie took control of Space Bunker High Command during the years of him fighting “bad guys”. He has allowed the Mysterious Man, whom he addresses as Admiral Mysterious, to continue to oversee Space Bunker Zeta, on the condition he undermine the veracity of the other broadcasts that any other Arnie tries to send. There are many such broadcasts, emanating from many Arnies across multiple dimensions, and this Arnie wishes to ensure that his broadcast is considered the real and canonical version.

Given the chance to have their questions answered, Craig seeks clarity for his multiple conflicting origin stories, only to have a new one introduced: He is a robotic avatar of the intergalactic tyrant Krieg the Cruel, who Arnie, Chant, and Dr. Zadore overthrew many years ago. With true AI impossible, he is running on Krieg's consciousness, though not his memories, while Krieg lies in permanent suspended animation on the verge of death in Space Bunker High Command, which was itself previously Castle Krieg.

Dr. Zadore interrupts, having realized the collapse he’s observing is also linked to a pod they found floating in space, and opens it to reveal Sarah, adrift due to Can's spell. Sarah's first concern on waking is to contact her babysitter. The Mysterious Man, Tricia, and Craig all recognize Sarah, but this version of Arnie does not. He fills her in on the various versions of Arnie across in the multiverse, and in the course of doing so makes some comments calling into question the benevolence of their operation in Space Bunker High Command. Dr. Zadore recognizes that Sarah's obsidian arm (which she obtained when swapping places with Usidore on her last trans-dimensional trip) contains a gravity well, which could be used to stop the Void.

At this point the crew of Space Bunker Zeta explains their experience tracking the ever-growing Void, and Dr. Zadore realizes its the same phenomenon he'd been monitoring. A brainstorming sessions on how the defeat the Void begins, and the Mysterious Man notes that connecting the Void to the gravity well in Sarah's arm would require an organic bridge.

Dr. Zadore insists Tricia and Sarah let him show them the bathroom, and once there he confirms that this Arnie is in fact evil. Corrupted by power, Arnie took control of Krieg the Kruel's operation with only minor adjustment. As such, Dr. Zadore only trusts Tricia and Sarah to stop the Void. He gives them a particle accelerator that they can use to link Sarah's arm to the large biomass of Tricia's clone corpses, which were accidentally transported to Space Bunker High Command at the same time as the crew of Space Bunker Zeta.

Using the accelerator, Tricia causes her dead clones to merge into a giant Tricia, which Sarah then links with and takes control of through her obsidian arm. The giant Tricia walks through space until it reaches the edge of the Void. Back in the main control room, Tricia, Sarah, and Dr. Zadore reveal the plan to the others. Arnie objects that there's no football-related angle by which he can be included in the victory. Dr. Zadore reconfigures the particle accelerator into a football shape, but it is Tricia who takes the "ball" and throws a pass to her own giant, undead clone.

When the pass is complete the circuit between the Void, the gravity well, and the accelerator is complete, and the Void is destroyed. Sarah's arm returns to normal. Arnie congratulates everyone on saving the multiverse, and then doles out punishments. Sarah will be sent back to her own version of Earth. Tricia will be assigned a space bunker of her own. And the Mysterious Man will be sent to Space Prison.

The broadcast is then ended from Space Bunker Zeta. Upon their transport to Space Bunker High Command, a temp was dispatched to take over duties there, and the High Time Queen provides an outro for the show.

New characters


This episode has a brief appearance by our usual three hosts at the beginning mentioning that it's the fourth anniversary of Arnie's arrival to Foon and of the podcast. Later, we learn that Usidore's arm returned to normal when the Void was destroyed. The Dark Lord perceives the destruction of the Void at the same time.

Earth references

  • Bob Evans restaurants
  • Back to the Future (Great Scott, Doc)
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • The Bangles - “Manic Monday”, Susanna Hoffs
  • Heisman Trophy
  • M&Ms - “Melts in your mouth, not in your hand”
  • Star Trek
  • Star Wars
  • The Big Bang Theory
  • toxic masculinity
  • cilantro’s soapy flavor for ~10% of the population
  • Shit happens
  • Everybody Poops
  • Monopoly - Chance, Community Chest

Behind the scenes

INTERLUDE – Hello from the Future
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Dr. Ulrich Zadore, Sarah, Arnie, Craig, Chant the Space Angel - Inset: Mysterious Man, Tricia
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