INTERLUDE - Hello from the Future... but Earlier
INTERLUDE - Hello from the Future… but Earlier
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date July 12, 2021
Episode no. S02E96b
Episode Link
Hosts Arnie, Chant, Dr. Ulrich Zadore
Guests Julie Andrews, Mysterious Man
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Editor Sage G.C.
Logo Allard Laban
Theme music Andy Poland
Special assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
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"INTERLUDE - 1989: Julie's Cult Watch" "Maybe Mister Chauncey"
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"INTERLUDE - Hello from the Future… but Earlier" is an Interlude episode in season three of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on July 12, 2021.


The story of the Mysterious Man and Julie continues, this time within a transmission from the space adventure version of Arnie, along with his cohosts, Doctor Zadore and Chant the Space Angel.


Still in Eataly, The Mysterious Man recaps his friendship with Earth Human Teen, Julie Andrews. He was able to blackmail the Cosmic Librarians to see what happens next to find it comes from the Sci-Fi world, where Arnie is the Mysterious Man’s Boss.

Somewhere in space, circa Earth’s 2009, All-American Arnie Niekamp introduces the bi-weekly transmission. Chant, the Space Angel, is still getting used to the recordings and Dr. Ulrich Zadore has just finished inventing Rancher Sauce. He requests Chant to try some with a carrot. Although Chant has no butthole to expel the product post-digestion, he tries some anyway. Arnie wants to improve the transmissions, so he suggests that they have segments, asking each of his companions to talk about a peak of their week and a pit of their week. Many of their highlights include fights that use their significant characteristics. However, Dr. Zadore’s pits reveal that, while trapped at Emperor Krieg’s castle, he ate their other companion, Donna. Chant also offers a modification to the segment where everyone talks about the “meh” points of the week.

When it is time to interview/interrogate their guests, Dr. Zadore plays the distress call that the group received prior to the transmission. The Mysterious Man is calling out for help for Julie, who has contracted Time Warp Mania. The group proceeds to capture them and then bring them up to their current bay for the interrogation, where the Mysterious Man berates them for spending time discussing their week instead of giving Julie medical attention. Julie is acting off; she is disorientated and loopy, almost like being drunk. Chant is ready for a mercy kill, but the others prevent him from doing so. Dr. Zadore warns them that they cannot escape due to the rotating rings around them, but the Mysterious Man makes fun of them for using archaic space technology. The Mysterious Man uses the name of Krieg to show that he is more of a threat, only for the others to define him as their enemy. They try several different rays in the Mysterious Man, many of which are ineffective against him.

Dr. Zadore demands everything the Mysterious Man knows about Krieg, which he openly gives as their rag-tag group are no match for Kreig. However, they seemed mostly unfazed. Chant is the only one to take heed since the conversation reminds him on how much he wants to fuck a bucket before he passes on. Meanwhile, Julie throws up as her Time Warp Mania gets worse. To cure her, Dr. Zadore converts his Hyper Laser into a Time Alignment Ray and blasts her while holding hands with his friends. When the dust settles, Julie is fixed in a way, but she is no longer “Julie”, rather something else. “Julie now appears before time, slightly older, but also ageless, appearing to levitate herself and the things around her as she starts to pilfer the base for supplies. Dr. Zadore uses this time to calculate what has happened and Arnie discovers that Chant is pregnant while checking the status of the rancher sauce going down his system.

“Julie” starts to change the molecular structure of the ship to suit her needs. Dr. Zadore comes back and tells the group that it is all his fault; the Rancher sauce he used had angel semen, somehow explaining “Julie”’s transformation and Chant’s impregnation. The Baby then punches out of Chant’s body and Chant begs Arnie to describe a bucket one last time before he dies. While Dr. Zadore is excited to now have a space angel corpse to examine, the Mysterious Man has already broken the tools Dr. Zadore would need since they were all stored in the captives’ holding facility.

Although “Julie” is not really Julie anymore, the Mysterious Man still feels obligated to thank the crew for “helping”. In return, he gives them the code to a side entrance to Emperor Kreig’s castle if they have any questions or need to resupply. The Code is 1. During the explanation on why it is such a simple code, Baby Chant starts talking like a Chant and “Julie” starts emitting a gold ring around her and will no longer take the name “Julie”. She has built herself a skateboard to leave the space ship, but biffs it once out. She then makes a mini bike instead. The Mysterious Man also leaves separately, taking the space rings that “entrapped” them to show off. The episode ends with Dr. Zadore wanting to find a new job after Arnie assumed he was hitting on him.

Back in modern day Eataly, the Mysterious Man is curious about whatever happened to his former companion. Out of a hunch, he calls Space Bunker Zeta, where the High Time Queen has left a recorded message as she denies losing the conscious transmitter and a laser gun a year or so ago. The message ends with Julie’s classic break catchphrase from Cult Watch. As this mini arc ends, the Mysterious Man promises next week's episode will be more normal.


There are no new emails this week.

New characters

Earth References

  • Eataly
  • Madeline L'Engle
  • Cincinnati Bengals
  • Wapakoneta, Ohio
  • Bob Evans
  • NASA
  • Neil Armstrong Air and Space Museum
  • Ranch Dip
  • Cocker spangle
  • “Hay is for Horses”
  • Stupid Animal Tricks
  • Alien
  • Star Wars, Ewoks
  • Ralph Lauren Polo Shirt
  • Polio
  • Archimedes
  • Isaac Newton
  • Novelty shirts
  • “Karens”
  • Hula Hoop
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos
  • Peanuts
  • Rocky Horror Picture Show
    • Time Warp
    • Audience Participation
  • “Bootylicious” by Beyonce
  • Ray Romano
    • Everybody Loves Raymond
    • Ice Age
    • The Big Sick
  • Jay Leno
  • Umbros shorts
  • "No Fear" T-shirt
  • Condor Man
  • Room Raider, Blacklight Test
  • Look Who’s Talking
  • “Psycho Killer” by Talking Heads
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle
  • Baltimore Accent


  • The Sci-fi World gets expanded and includes the first meeting of All-American Arnie’s Crew and the Mysterious Man:
    • All American Arnie was a famous quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals. His “portal” was behind a Bob Evans.
    • All-American Arnie wears a Red Shirt with his name on it.
    • Chant the Space Angel has his normal wing and metallic wing swapped at the end of the episode and famously has no butthole. He is also shirtless.
    • Dr. Zadore has already looked into Arnie with his Psychrometer and was disappointed.
    • Arnie’s secret to success is to find anything football shaped and throw it.
    • Arnie first met Chant on his home planet of the Space Angels where they fought for dormancy, which Arnie won.
    • The majority of the technology on the space ship are archaic and/or found in a junkyard.
    • Emperor Kreig is considered all powerful in their current quadrant in space.
    • All the t-shirt making equipment belongs to Arnie.
  • During the Peaks, Pits, and Plains segment, Arnie mentions that a very medium moment that he had was the middle chunk of season 2. This could be Arnie Niekamp’s personal opinion of hello from the Magic Tavern.
  • Julie does mention that she knows Arnie, but nothing more is expanded on it.
  • As the High Time Queen states that one of the items missing from the Space bunker was the conscious transmitter, making two of the artifacts related to transmitting a consciousness.
  • In the first Hello from the Future interlude the Mysterious Man is referred to by All-American Arnie as Admiral Mysterious, suggesting it may be his actual name. In this episode we see Mr. Mysterious is simply the alias the Mysterious Man settles on when he first met this version of Arnie.

Behind the scenes

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