INTERLUDE – Scenes from Foon
INTERLUDE – Scenes from Foon
Hello from the Magic Tavern episode
Air date March 13, 2017
Episode no. S01E100C
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Hosts Mysterious Man, Craig
Guests Arnor, Soul Walker, Axelrod ReMax, the couple Chamblin Bunnycuddle and Bunny Bunnycuddle, Princess Trachea-Aurelia Belaroth, Benedict Whisperbrew, Metanoid
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Evan Jacover, Ryan DiGiorgi
Associate Producer {$associateproducer}
Editor Chris Rathjen
Episode art Ross Bryant
Theme music Andy Poland
Audio assistance Jason Knox
Production assistance Garrett Schultz
Charming Keep from Mighty Games and Fallen London
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"INTERLUDE - Cowboy World" "The Podcast"
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"Scenes from Foon" is an interlude episode that takes place after episode one hundred of season one of Hello from the Magic Tavern. It was originally released on March 13, 2017.


The Mysterious Man and Craig listen in on Arnor the Warrior, Axelrod the Real Estate Agent, Princess Belaroth the Play Producer and more.


Craig lets the Mysterious Man know that he still doesn't have a good signal from Arnie, so he suggests listening to listen to some resonance stones.

The first resonance stone Craig has is one near Arnor. We find Arnor in the forest weeping about his forgotten memories. The ground begins to smoke and it turns out his tears call forth the Soul Walker. Arnor declares that the Soul Walker's death will be his sixth feat. His feats so far:

  1. Killing a Fingerian dinner party
  2. Learning how to read
  3. Killed the hesitant cyclops
  4. Killed the howling wolf
  5. Rebuilt the bridges of Gratax in a single day

Every time he tries to do a feat, it seems like they have already been done. The Soul Walker says there's a way to recover his lost memories. Arnor hopes that he can use this to find out what happened to his testicles. Arnor knows it has something to do with Arnie, and Soul Walker uses his hatred on Arnie to get Arnor to serve the Dark Lord. Arnor says he's never been part of a team, but he's willing to try. He agrees to join if the Soul Walker or the Dark Lord can restores his memories. The Soul Walker sweetens the deal by saying the Dark Lord can get Arnor his nuts back.

Soul Walker restores Arnor's memories. Additionally, Arnor's new testicles are singing balls! What an improvement.

Back in the bunker, Craig is concerned that everything in Foon is worse since everything has happened. The second resonance stone is from Axelrod Remax, the real estate agent. We see Axelrod showing a couple a castle. The banquet hall they are in is giant, and the couple is very interested in if this is a good place to have a massacre. They speak about the horrid things they'd be able to do in this place. They move to the upstairs to the master chamber. Unfortunately, the man cannot see it as his eyes are crumbly. It overlooks a meadow, and they are impressed. They need to make a decision today as the man is going to die tomorrow. Axelrod has paperwork ready. The woman dips her husband's fingernail so that they can sign them. The woman's signature is simply a lipstick kiss. Axelrod takes his leave.

Craig and the Mysterious Man wax poetic about how nice it is to see friends without having to interact with them, and Tricia comes in stating that she has finished separating the push pins from the thumb tacks. Mysterious Man asks her to marry the two back together and put them back on the shelf. She asks why she even separated them; the Mysterious Man just wants them to coexist. Tricia gets pissed that she's left out of conversation while she's doing menial tasks. The Mysterious Man and Craig bring up the "Rice Crispie Treat" incident and they all go off on each other. Tricia storms out.

After the commercial break, we are back in the bunker and Craig and the Mysterious Man are having a laugh. The Mysterious Man calls Tricia back in order to ask her if she has any thumb tacks to hang up his and Craig's best friends poster. Tricia gets what's happening and she resigns to do the menial task he's asked her to. Craig suggests they listen to another resonance stone.

Princess Trachea and Benedict Whisperbrew are holding auditions for their fall play. Metanoid is here auditioning. Looking at his headshot, it looks like his age is ? because he isn't sure when he was created. He's also taken Pegmarten Hopperleaf's intro to acting class, which impresses Benedict. Trachea warns Metanoid that he must say the lines precisely as they are written or she will throw sharp objects at him.

The scene starts, and Metanoid and Benedict play off of each other as a quarrelling married couple, of which Metanoid just lost his job. Trachea interrupts him to give him a note about his performance, as does Benedict. Metanoid asks for a prop, and Benedict gives him a scepter. They run the scene again, and they get a little further before Trachea interrupts. She wants Benedict to imagine what it would be like to push four beings out of his genitals, even though he doesn't have any. Benedict thanks her for her notes, and they get back to the audition.

Back in the bunker, Tricia comes back with the thumb tacks and the Mysterious Man decides he wants push pins instead. Tricia argues there's no real difference, and goes off on them. The Mysterious Man yells at her some more. Tricia says that if there was an HR department, she would be there in no time. Craig announces that he IS the HR department. Tricia threatens to take a pod and leave. The Mysterious Man and Craig discuss how this happens earlier and earlier with each Tricia. Tricia announces that she's not taking Craig with her, but he doesn't care anymore and wants to stay in the bunker. Craig reveals to her that she is a clone that has been hanging in the storage center on four fish hooks. The Mysterious Man asks her to remove her space pump and read what's on the bottom of her foot. "You're clone number 8050. Any attempts to assume you would not be a clone is false. Please keep reading for more information."

Tricia freaks out, but tries to get the Mysterious Man to tell Craig something about him. Tricia makes her escape after a tirade about how they treated her. Unfortunately, Tricia gets a shot off and it hits Craig. He thinks he dying, but Mysterious Man presses a "reset" button. The flesh has melted off of his left arm, and he works out that he's a robot. Mysterious Man says that he's been dropping hints for weeks. He pours his heart out to Craig that he doesn't have much luck finding friends. Craig suddenly realizes that the Mysterious Man is using him, just like he used Tricia. The Mysterious Man turns a crank in Craig's head causing Craig to suddenly forget everything that just happened. Craig starts the credits.

After the credits rolls, Arnor is heard pledging his sword to the Dark Lord. The Soul Walker has some caveats he failed to mention before: namely, his soul and the fact that his balls will burst out of his nutsack. The Soul Walker assures him it's fine, don't worry about it.

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On a later episode, the couple was identified as Chamblin Bunnycuddle and Bunny Bunnycuddle.

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