Jak Vorpal
Jak Vorpal
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Foon's Greatest Swordsman"
Played by Sean Kelley
Name Jak Vorpal
Species Humanish
Occupation Swordsman, baker

Jak Vorpal was Foon's greatest living swordsman before he decided to hang up his sword and retire. After several years as a baker in the town of Hogsface, he has taken up sword fighting again.

He has expressed support for the Dark Lord's tax code reforms and military spending.

Greatest Living Swordsmen of Foon

Like all of Foon's greatest living swordsmen, Jak has the marlin tattoo. For another swordsman to take the title of Greatest Living Swordsman, he must beat Jak in a duel, at which time Jak will give him a matching tattoo.

He also has a magical sword, as all of the greatest living swordsmen must. It is a singing sword. It is unclear what advantages this gives Jak in combat, but the sword does know numerous songs like Seven Dragons and a Baby, and can compose new ones with ease.

Jak is only undefeated when armed. He has a weakness for getting caught up in curtains when he cannot slash them before entering a fight. This is how he lost a brawl with Duke Venetian, the Blind Duke.

Baker of Hogsface

Jak was traumatized when he wiped out a race of cerulean colored creatures known as The Smorps. After that encounter, Jak retired from violence, becoming a baker in Hogsface and hanging the Singing Sword above his oven. He was happy in this job for years, until he accidentally poisoned the judges of the Great Foonish Bake-Off (the Oligarchs of Anarchos). Deciding he is only good at murder he takes up violence again, and slays the Carra Bears of Cloudland, but does not regain his joy for killing until hearing his sword sing of her love for him.

Jak had an Evil Stepfather, who he slew. The stepfather was keeping children in pumpkin prisons.


  • Jak won the Earth Games Season One prize of a Strawberry Scratch & Sniff sticker for his victory in Settlers of Catan.

Jak Vorpal is played by Sean Kelley.


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