Jamillious the Mauve
Jamillious the Mauve
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Jamillious the Mauve"
Played by Anthony LeBlanc
Name Jamillious the Mauve
Species Wizard
Occupation Wizard

Jamillious the Mauve is the mauve wizard, and is the master of Feast and Famine. He is younger than most other wizards and is also the first racially Black wizard in Foon (not be confused with the black (robed) wizard).

His full introduction is:

Jamillious Washington, Bringer of Feast and Famine, Master of the Great Plantation, Shatterer of the Triangle Trade Winds; the Dwarfs know me as Dat Dude, the Elves know me as Always Holdin', and I'm also known in the Far South as Boy.

Additionally: the vampires know him as "My queen to be." According to Chunt, the badgers know him as Jamillious the Realest.

Like Usidore, Jamillious was manifested to re-balance Foon in opposition to the Dark Lord, but is not driven to direct conflict. Instead his mission is to win the hearts and minds of the people Foon, bring them together against evil, and heal the wounds the Dark Lord has inflicted. Also: since the Dark Lord was the black-robe wearing wizard, he was created as a Black wizard to combat the association of the color black with evil. As the bringer of Feast he can both create literal food and feast for the senses, and deprive those who are acting harmfully of both sustenance and sensation. He has, essentially, tried all the food in Foon and has his own rating system for restaurants, based on a shot scale.

Jamillious found it difficult attending the Great Halls of Terr'akkas, as he was on scholarship and didn't have the assets to purchase the best supplies like the other wizards. He credits Usidore with welcoming and mentoring him when they first met, and even now consider him a great coach in life, calling him "Philious Jacksonius." Through Usidore, he learned how to sleep with his eyes open.

Jamillious has been in love before with a mushroom. However, he could not kiss it without consent, forcing him to move on. He has comfirmed that he is Panwizard.

He spends most of his time down south, where he organized and freed oppressed badgers. It has also heavily influence his culinary preferences.

Jamillous carries a large book of magic on his back. He is also know to have beautiful penmanship

Jamillious the Mauve is played by Anthony LeBlanc.


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