Jan, the Lady of the Puddle
Jan, the Lady of the Puddle
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Lake Lady"
Played by Brooke Breit
Name Jan Lake
Species living water
Occupation Puddle

Jan, the Lady of the Puddle is a being made of living water. She is not shy about asking guests to suck her toes.

She lives in a puddle surrounded by herself. She used to feel sorry about being a self-doubting, wishy-washing drip, but is now very proud and secure in her insecurities.

Jan was once a real estate agent near the Lake but has moved to selling "fake estate," non-existent properties that buyers simply imagine.

On Usidore's Fetching Quest

Jan overhears Usidore & Grimhoof discussing their quest and invites them into her home/puddle/self. After a brief test she gives a vessel of smart water she has been protecting. They discuss the possibility that once she loses proximity to the smart water she may turn to normal water and dissipate. She is willing to accept that fate, but a brief test of that theory proves she's fine. Usidore leaves a rock she can use to contact him if she ever does wish to return to being simple water.

Jan, the Lady of the Puddle is played by Brooke Breit


  • Usidore's Fetching Quest Season 1, Ep 4 "Lake Lady"
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