Jayme and Sayme Ragoon

Jayme and Sayme are twins, and the daughter and son of Baron Ragoon and his deceased wife Karen. They are two of 11 brothers and sisters, and have at least one older brother, Shangleberth Jr. They have a pet cat Bumblepuss. Jayme was born before Sayme; he didn't want to leave the womb because he liked it in there.

The twins are creepy and skeletal in appearance, wear matching overalls, speak to each other in their creepy twin language, and hold hands wherever they go. In episode 77 The Baron and the Frog the Baron said they can't keep their hands off each other and are "going at it." Even though they seem to over 18 and be of age, they behave very childishly and appear to be stunted because they don't get to leave the castle much.

The twins enjoy swinging Squibbert around in a bag. Due to her incredible memory, she can recite episodes of Chunt and Usidore's podcast "Gettin' Nuts" verbatim while being swung.

Jayme Ragoon is played by Gretchen Eng.

Sayme Ragoon is played by Brad Pike.

Episode Appearances

77 The Baron and the Frog (first mentioned)
Season 2, Ep 5 – Jayme and Sayme

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