Jess McKenna
Jess McKenna
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "I Am Spintax! The Podcast!"
Played by Jess McKenna
Name Jess McKenna
Nickname(s) Jess
Species Human
Occupation Podcast Co-Host
Affiliation Spintax the Green

Jess McKenna is a podcast host residing in Los Angeles, Earth. She was magically compelled by Spintax the Green to assist him in his efforts to return to Foon by co-hosting a podcast with him and the reanimated monster Salmagundi.

With only Hello From the Magic Tavern as a reference, Spintax understood all podcasts to be made up of a wizard, a beastman (Sal), and a human. He chose Jess to fill this last role, and for seven weeks she interviewed mythical Earth creatures so that Spintax could siphon their magical energies.

During this process Jess was confined to the Earwolf podcast studios, but her absence was not noticed by the outside world because another version of Jess, who Spintax dubbed “Sideways Jess” continued to live her normal life (and begin Muay Thai classes).

Jess McKenna is played by Jess McKenna.

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