Jewish Population in Foon

Foon has a thriving Jewish community. It seems to differ slightly from the Judaism practiced on Earth, and is based on the teachings of Peter Smith, a man from Earth. Peter admits he may have made some modifications to the religion.1


Hannukah is celebrated in Foon by lighting torches and marching through the streets reminding people of the Jewish people's superiority.


Early in his time on Foon Peter met Spintax the Green who taught him a little magic. He has integrated these simple spells into his religion as "Jew magic," which is used to conjure:

  • tops (~90% of Jew magic)
  • hats
  • bean dip

Peter identifies Jew magic as a great selling point when gaining converts.


Some of the Jewish population in Foon are Peter's direct descendants along with his wife Janice (née F'leekstax); others are converts.

Known Jews in Foon include:

  • Peter Smith, the first Jew of Foon and Patriarch of the Jewish People
  • Peter's wife Janice (née F'leekstax), a magical creature with a tail, wings, and a horse's foot; her other three feet are normal.
  • Sir Lemonin, a knight who Peter says is very generous
  • Noted Mittens player Sam Stout, who Larry Birdman says changed his name from a more typical Jewish one, like Smith.2
  • Eternia the Forever Girl, though she's experienced some discrimination for also being a Notsee Youth.3
  • Windsprinkle the unicorn

The largest community of Jews is in the Woods of Holly, where business and industry are build around woodworking and lumberjacking. Lumberjacks are so popular in Foon that fans want to meet them or will ask them to spit on their parchments. Sometimes these parchments are auctioned off on vBay.

According to Peter, the thing Jews wear on their heads is called a "birdstopper" (all one word) and is used to protect them from birds.


  • The wedding planner Souza Gurnick refuses to plan Jewish weddings (one of her many prejudices.)
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