Jewish Population in Foon

First mentioned by Larry Birdman and confirmed many times since, Foon is known to have a Jewish community. It seems to differ slightly from the Judaism practiced on Earth, and it seems to be largely based on the teachings of Peter Smith. For example, Hannukah is celebrated in Foon by lighting torches and marching through the streets reminding people of their superiority.

Known Jews in Foon include:

  • Peter Smith, the first Jew of Foon
  • Peter's wife Janice (née F'leekstax)
  • Sir Lemonin, a knight who Peter says is very generous


  • Larry Birdman explained that noted Mittens player Sam Stout is Jewish, but changed his name.
  • Souza Gurnick refuses to plan Jewish weddings (one of her many prejudices.)
  • Eternia the Forever Girl has experienced some degree of discrimination for being both Jewish and a member of the Notsee Youth.
  • Peter Smith, the First Jew of Foon, explains how he brought Judaism from Earth and what Jewish life in Foon is like
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