Jojo Seewah
Jojo Seewah
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Fooniverse - Spintax Book Release Party
Played by Brooke Breit
Name Jojo Seewah
Occupation Author

Jojo Seewah is the author of many books involving fixing your fucked up face. Their self help books are quizzed based and require the previous books in order to see the answers.

Jojo writes books on fixing one's fucked up face while having a fucked up face themselves, unable to be fixed by magic without a high cost. One of their mistakes was bobbing for apples where one should not (inside animals, unknown liquids, etc.) and putting their face inside the barrel of a cannon.

Jojo likes to analyze other people as well, using her book as a vehicle to go deeper into people. Their process to write involves sitting at a wharf and having seagulls peck at them until they are bloodied. They also ghost write and considered as a guru.

Jojo's Previous books include:

  1. Is that Your Face?
  2. Face Off
  3. Face to Face
  4. Fuck Your Face (Find Ur Cute Knowledge)

Jojo Seewah is played by Brooke Breit.



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