Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Season 3, Ep 68 - 1989: Group Project"
Played by Brooke Breit
Name Julie Andrews
Nickname(s) Julie
Species Human
Occupation Student (as of 1989)

Julie Andrews is a student with Arnie Niekamp in Lima, Ohio in 1989.

Julie is average human with a mother and a father. Her mother is known to make sandwiches for her as a food prep routine. However, Julie brings the bulk of the sandwiches, which she calls "handies", to school for friends. Her father is a known culk member of the Cult of Personality, which is a cult based off a personality test. This may stem from her interests in cults, including having her own show called "Cult Watch" and her affiliation with many cults, such as, but not limited to, Me-'n-U-Doh?, Blood Snakes, Hairapy, Try This, Dad Club, Book Club, and Wicker baskets.

As a child, she wanted a Cricket Doll what would walk around with her. However, she was distraught when she found out that the doll came in a box and does not come to life.

As a 13-year-old, Julie is innocent and hoping to fit in. Although she is quick witted, she does not get sexual innuendos and does not know what wet dreams are. When frustrated with herself, she'll speak to herself in the third person. She often hopes to be abducted and taken away where she can feel less weird. Her interests include Cults, Loafin', The Babysitters Club, and the Renaissance Festival. She is also sympathetic to a fault to those around her.

When she is paired up with Arnie and Devin Lava for a project, she was invited to "The Arnie Niekamp Show" where she interviewed. She learns more about Chunt/Chunk and Mr. Usidore, the Chemistry teacher, thinking the three of them is in a cult of their own, which she wants to be apart of. They, in turn, learn about the hole in the ground she can pull out stuff from the future, which Usidore dubs the "Future Hole."

Julie Andrews is played by Brooke Breit


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