Kern has only ever been heard making a distress call to the space bunker where the Mysterious Man lives. His first distress call states that he is currently orbiting the Gresforn (?) galaxy, and insists that he is not suffering from space madness, despite the fact that he has fashioned a wife out of spare clothes and a space helmet and named her Adina. His second distress call is him complaining that he has had a song stuck in his head for the entire journey.

Initially, the Mysterious Man wasn't in the room at the time any of his distress signals were received, but Mysterious Man becomes aware of him after Tricia's escape pod encounters Kern's ship. He and Tricia are now engaged in an awkward, potentially romantic relationship.

Kern is played by Spencer Ham.

Episode Appearances

10 Homesick
14 Music of Foon
36 Low Battery
42 Winter Solstice
48 DQ Returns
48 DQ Returns
51 Baron Ragoon
56 Dungeon Guard
64 Jamillious the Mauve
74 Letters and Packages

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