Korvath the Unknowable
Korvath the Unknowable
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Fooniverse - Good AfterFoon!
Played by Kevin Sciretta
Name Korvath the Unknowable
Nickname(s) Korvath
Species Vampire
Occupation Talk Show Host

Korvath the Unknowable is one of the hosts of Good AfterFoon! with Deb Falcon.

Korvath is a vampire who acts more in the daytime than in the nighttime. He has to use a parasol to protect himself during the shows. He has a very welcoming energy and open to other people's opinions. He also helps other protect themselves from the Locust King. Korvath also has knowledge of runes.

Korvath the Unknowable is played by Kevin Sciretta.



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