Krom The Barbarian
Krom The Barbarian
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Krom the Barbarian"
Played by Mark Logsdon
Name Krom
Species Fingarian
Occupation Barbarian, royalty

Krom the Barbarian is a barbarian from Fingaria. Despite his incredible size, he is actually considered small for someone from Fingaria. He has skill in fighting (not to kill), killing, and trying to sleep with women. He sleeps standing up in a "batter's position". He keeps a dream journal, which mostly focuses on his desires to have a relationship with a bear. Krom is really into bears and has recurring dreams of them. He has many adventures, and often plunders temples, both existing temples and abandoned temples. He went into barbarism mostly because his father was a barbarian, but he dreams of settling down with a wench (or possibly a bear). Usidore seems to believe that he may be a speaker of animals, someone who can talk with animals using their mind as well as control them.

He spent some time in Gratax where he burned bridges and was run out of town. He's been run out of many towns. Villagers also often throw rocks at him or throw his sandals on the roof to punish him.

On more than one occasion, Krom has gone into a rage and destroyed The Vermilion Minotaur, killing many people.

Krom the Barbarian is played by Mark Logsdon.


  • Krom's name is spelled with a capital kray.
  • Krom cannot read or write any existing language, but journals in a pictorial language all his own as an aid to his memory.


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