Lager Brewhead
Lager Brewhead
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Dwarf"
Played by Jon Gabrus
Name Lager Brewhead
Species Dwarf
Occupation Ale brewer

Lager Brewhead (or Brewerhead) is a dwarf. He comes from the Brewhead clan, a long line of ale brewers of the highest degree from Mount Brewhead.

Lager's nickname is "Boot 'n' Rally" and his brother's nickname is "Puke 'n' Rally." His wife is Christ, and his four sons are Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John (MMLJ); the boys will get their brewnames once they are old enough to enter the family business.

Lager Brewerhead is played by Jon Gabrus.


  • Lager gives his last name as Brewhead, and is referred to as such for the entire episode, except once by Arnie, who says Brewerhead. However it is the latter spelling that is included in the episode description. One explanation may be that Arnie simply repeated his own error when writing the description.


  • Season 1, Ep 90 — "Dwarf"
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