Larry Birdman

Chairman of the Foon Mittens League and former Mittens star. Birdman was one of the top 20 Mittens players during his time as a Baskin. He has won two 10th Anniversary Round Table Round Robin Circular Superstationwagons, his loss of a third ended his 30-year career. He is the inventor of the now-common two-handed plant grasp, also known as "Two In The Hand Is Worth One In The Bird". The move was invented by accident when Birdman got distracted and nearly dropped the potted flower.

As chairman he now advocates for changes to the many rules of the sport that he believes make no sense.

Former Wives and Murder Trials

Larry Birdman was married three times, but all three of his wives were murdered. He has been accused by the media of the murders of his wives1. The most well-known piece of evidence is the pair of bloody gauntlets. Authorities found a pair of bloody gauntlets on the back of his snow white bronco, and many people believe they were the gloves the killer wore.

Larry maintains his innocence and suspects a rival player, Dick Wizardry, killed his wives and framed him. He has been tried and acquitted for all three murders.


His first trial was a simple Trial. After a miss trial, he was acquitted.

The second trial was a Trial By Fire. During this, he tried to wear the bloody gauntlets to prove they did not belong to him, but in fact belonged to Dick Wizardry. However, during this moment, the fire blew out and no one saw if they fit or not.

The final trial was a Trial By Argument, and luckily for Larry, the topic chosen was mittens.

Larry Birdman is played by Rush Howell.

Episode Appearances

4 The FML
50 Larry Birdman
Season 2, Ep 2 – Birdman of Hogsface
Season 2, Ep 47 – Mittens Returns

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