Leebad Fellatio
Leebad Fellatio
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Goblin General"
Played by Atra Asdou
Name Leebad Fellatio
Species Goblin
Occupation Army general
Affiliation Queen Fibro Myalgia

Leebad Fellatio is a general in the Goblin army, in the service of the Queen of the Goblins Fibro Myalgia. She has one cloudy eye that has limited vision, and one good eye. She has harpy talons from the Harpy Harp, that she uses to inscribe her full name and initials into the backs of children.

General Leebad has revealed that the goblins are planning to take over all of Foon.

General Leebad Fellatio is played by Atra Asdou.

Alternate Names

General Leebad is also known as:

  • Corpse Comptroller
  • Mascot of Murder
  • Baby Grinder
  • Ash Plunderer


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