Leonard Bernard
Leonard Bernard
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "I Am Spintax!: Season 1, Ep 1 - The Podcast!"
Played by C.J Tuor
Name Leonard Bernard
Nickname(s) Leo
Species Humanish
Occupation Bunker Guardian

Captain Leonard Bernard is a Bunker Guardian, tasked by the Space Bunker High Command with command of the inter-dimensional monitoring station Space Bunker Epsilon.

When Space Bunker Epsilon is attacked by alien lifeforms, Captain Bernard records a warning to others for others to avoid the bunker and leads his crew on an assault against the infestation. The rest of the crew are massacred, and Leo retreats to duct-work, where he lingers in madness until the arrival of Craig, who he attempts to eat. Shortly afterwards Leo is devoured by an alien.

Captain Leonard Bernard is portrayed by C.J Tuor

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