Leonard Cronkite
Leonard Cronkite
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Chu Chu's Chow"
Played by Lauren Lopez
Name Leonard Cronkite
Species Half-giant
Occupation Head chef

Leonard Cronkite is a half-giant and the head chef at Chu-Chu's Chow. His upper half is human and his lower half is giant. He believes that because giants are immortal, his lower half will continue to live forever even after his upper human half dies; however, he admits that this is simply a deduction (based off the Mountains of Tréilfiel) rather than a known fact. He has become a chef as part of his duty to carry on his mother's legacy as a restauranteur.

Leonard is played by Lauren Lopez.


Leonard is one of the few Earth people living in Foon. His mother and father were both from Earth, and owned a sandwich shop. His father is in fact Andre the Giant, that, while a giant, is not actually immortal. The family fled Earth and came to Foon when Leonard was only a few months old.


  • Leonard has a huge penis.


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