Lost In Foon: Season 1, Ep 6 : Schrott The Acursed
Schrott The Acursed
Lost in Foon episode
Lost in Foon
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 6
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-Production Coordination Garrett Schultz
Special Assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
Editor Garrett Schultz
Lost in Foon Logo Allard Laban
'Lost in Foon' Tour Poster Jasmin Darnell
Theme Song Andy Poland
Original air date June 17, 2020
Arnie Niekamp as Arnie
Adal Rifai as Chunt
Matt Young as Usidore
Ryan DiGiorgi as Craig
Tim Sniffen as Mysterious Man
Episode chronology
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"No Puns, Really, Ermine It"

"Schrott The Acursed" is the sixth episode of the first season of Lost in Foon. It was originally released on June 17, 2020. This miniseries takes place sometime during season three of the main podcast.


Stick Night!


Arnie, Chunt & Usidore are at the tavern the Husk & Gristle, and enjoy a boys night. Topics include skeletons, alchemy, motivational speaking, auto-fellatio, & the Goddesses' act of creation.

While Arnie is at the bar, Usidore & Chunt plan a belated birthday party for him, going so far as to organize the other patrons to yell “go fuck yourself” in unison, but the surprise is called off when Arnie says he’s glad nothing happened for his birthday.

Arnie shares that he has sold their magic beans for a magical artifact, the Possession Stick. When using the stick, he begins to channel Schrott the Acursed, who has been trapped in the stick for "decades and decades." Usidore & Chunt take the stick and are possessed in turn. Finally they trick Schrott into possessing a potted plant, which they kill.

Space bunker

The Mysterious Man (or rather a vision of him) explains to Craig that the life he's experiencing on earth is a simulation. The Mysterious Man included it in Craig's programing as fail-safe to distract Craig if Craig ever learned too much or betrayed the Mysterious Man. Since it was activated here accidentally by Craig's head injury, he'll need to wake himself up. Craig spots a brass key inside a vending machine, tips the machine onto himself trying to fish it out and is crushed. Craig awakes back on Space Bunker Epsilon with PV3, happy to be home.

Earth references


  • Usidore mentions that the Silent Eye gave them some gold for their quest. Usidore has been transmuting it into lead.
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