Lost in Foon: Season 1, Ep 4 - Wet-Ass Farmer
Wet-Ass Farmer
Lost in Foon episode
Lost in Foon
Episode no. Season 1
Episode 4
Producers Arnie Niekamp, Matt Young, Adal Rifai
Post-Production Coordination Garrett Schultz
Special Assistance Ryan DiGiorgi
Editor Stephen Dranger
Lost in Foon Logo Allard Laban
'Lost in Foon' Tour Poster Jasmin Darnell
Theme Song Andy Poland
Original air date June 3, 2020
Arnie Niekamp as Arnie
Adal Rifai as Chunt
Matt Young as Usidore
Molly Lewis as Gnome Chomsky
Ryan DiGiorgi as Craig
Garrett Schultz as Pete V. Threeman
Episode chronology
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"Formerly the Dancing Donkey" "No Puns, Really, Ermine It"

"Formerly the Dancing Donkey" is the fourth episode of the first season of Lost in Foon. It was originally released on June 3, 2020. This miniseries takes place sometime during season three of the main podcast.


While Arnie and Usidore do their best to raise Chunt, they encounter a struggling bard.


Arnie, Chunt, & Usidore find themselves in The Dehydrated Mermaid in the city of Cloudfall.

Chunt is in a poor mood and acting out, leading Arnie & Usidore to discuss parenting strategies, and Usidore to threaten Chunt with a magically imposed conscious. Arnie offers to take the job as Chunts conscious instead.

Chunt has bought Usidore a magic book The Wicked Shall Decay from a local shop, but Usidore gifts it to Arnie, who attempts a few spells.

They meet Gnome Chomsky, a bard who plays the magical Arcana Lute. She can use the lute to cast certain prestidigitation spells (or p-ditty’s). Gnome talks about her past efforts as a bard in an adventuring, and her current work as a children’s birthday performer.

Arnie & Usidore are concerned Chunt may have committed a murder, but Gnome’s truth spell confirms he only looted a body.

New Characters

Tommy the Throat, a gangster giraffe
Jack Sequoia, deceased lumberjack
Cruise MsQuack, a deceased duck
Practice the falcon, who can take you to the Hall of Carnegie

Space bunker

Craig decides to go on a road trip, and takes the reluctant Pete V. Threeman along with him. They end up at an IKEA, but when a mysteriously familiar voice pages him, Craig makes a quick exit.

Earth references

  • Peter Pan
  • Carnegie Hall
  • TikTok


  • When asked as to her notoriety Gnome makes clear she is not a “nymbee & Grundle”-level success
  • Chunt steps away and has a sex with a giraffe, changing his appearance mid-episode for the first time.
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