Lois, A Shark
Lois, A Shark
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
Lois, A Shark
Spurt, Lois, DQ, Louis, Melchoir, Chunt, Pizza Skull
First appearance "Sharks"
Played by Jen Jackson
Name Lois
Species Shark
Occupation Explorer

Lois, A Shark (a shark), along with Louis A. Shark (human), is a Foonian explorer.

Lois first spots Louis when he and his crew are having an extended beach party. Enticed, she drew closer only to be captured by his crew, who intended to turn her into a trophy. Instead Louis spared her life. The two became friends, then lovers.

Her only previous romantic relationship was with another shark named Chris, who she ate.

Over the course of expedition Lois eats many of the members of Louis' crew, without him noticing, and by the time of his return to port only Lois & he remain.

On Hello From the Magic Tavern

Louis learns that Lois was actually eating his crew the whole time. Unfazed, he proposes to her, and she accepts.

Louis & Lois later perform a duet about their love at Chunt's Night.

Lois, A Shark is played by Jen Jackson.


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