Louis A. Shark
Louis A. Shark
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
Louis A. Shark
Spurt, Lois, DQ, Louis, Melchoir, Chunt, Pizza Skull
First appearance "Sharks"
Played by John Patrick Coan
Name Louis A. Shark
Species Humanish
Occupation Explorer

Louis A. Shark (human), along with Lois, A Shark (a shark), is a Foonian explorer.

A member of the admiralty board of the Foonish Navy, Louis was commissioned to explore the uncharted regions of Foon by Queen Titania Belaroth. His journeys led to the discovery of the She'Yong Delta, and beyond it the open ocean. Louis could not explore as many of the islands as he would have liked, as the expedition soon turned into a four-year long beach party.

During this time he also met the love of his life, Lois, A Shark. She had been captured by his crew with the intent of mounting her on the wall, but Louis spared her life, first befriending her, then falling in love with her.

Over the course of his expedition Louis loses many of the members of his crew, and by the time of his return to port only Lois remains.

On Hello From the Magic Tavern

Louis learns that Lois was actually eating his crew the whole time. Unfazed, he proposes to her, and she accepts.

Louis & Lois later perform a duet about their love at Chunt's Night.

Louis A. Shark is played by John Patrick Coan.

Mirror World Counterpart

His counterpart on the mirror world is also Louis A. Shark; Wendigo Wilson has jumped over him. It is unknown if this is the same Louis A. Shark from the original Foon or a mirror version of him.


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