Mage is one of a number of terms for magic users in Foon. They may also be called magicians, sorcerers, enchanters, or even wizards (though it may not be wise to do so in the presence of a “true” wizard).

Magic use is widespread, and many species (for example, fairies) use magic constantly in their daily business. However, other peoples (for example, humans) must learn magic through study and practice. Generally witches are considered a separate category because some of their powers are innate, though harnessing those powers does require learning spells.

There are common people who can perform small spells (such as the light spell Galiev likten kamer) without considering themselves mages or magicians, but there are also mortal magicians whose skills rival those of the wizards of Ephysiyies. Magic can be learned from books, other magicians, trial and error, or in a magical school. The largest magical schools are Thunderweist on the Isle of Migas and the Jizzlenob Preparatory School for Young Wizards.

Mages of note

  • Amassadus the Wise, likely the most famous and powerful living human magician1
  • Dripfang LeDesparé, a necromancer and Chef Inquisitor of the Dark Lord
  • Trinkle the Tiger, a Sorcerer in the army of Velsmeer
  • Frazgard the Incorrigible, a necromancer near Dramenshire who also practices science2
  • The various faculty and students of the Jizzlenob Preparatory School for Young Wizards
  • Fannie May, a Sorceress who has ensnared many into her magical debt3
  • Elisa the Enchantress4

Historical or deceased mages

  • Portabella the Ivory Sorceress who attempted to conquer Foon5
  • Shamore the Sorceress, recently killed during a tryst with Jessica Wethole, the Tree Wench
  • Servana the Enchantress, a villain smote by Usidore the Blue
  • Calligaphus the Sorcerer, a villain smote (but not by Usidore)
  • Bing Dong the Strange, smote
  • Double Down the Sorcerer, infamous for doing every bad thing twice (smote)
  • Marisa the Tomei, an enchantress killed while trying to seduce a lord6


To be considered a sorcerer, one must declare a magical affinity for a certain type of animal (e.g. tigers). In an evil mirror realm, Usidore the Black draws his power from demons.

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