Mallory McKnoboff
Mallory McKnoboff
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Staff Dinner"
Played by Squeek Rangel
Name Mallory McKnoboff
Species Humanish
Occupation Professor
Affiliation Jizzlenob Preparatory School for Young Wizards

Mallory McKnoboff is a Professor at the Jizzlenob Preparatory School for Young Wizards. She teaches Singcantations, the discipline through which a magician with sufficient control of their breath and tone can cast spells without the aid of a wand.

She is somewhat aged, and often speaks in a very direct, cutting manner. She also has a tendency to incite interpersonal drama, by first making small references to uncomfortable topics, then drawing greater attention to them by apologizing for her indiscretion.

Despite her protestations to the contrary, she loves to sing in social settings.

Mallory McKnoboff is played by Squeek Rangel.


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