Hello from the Magic Tavern character
Spurt, Lois, DQ, Louis, Melchoir, Chunt, Pizza Skull
First appearance "Keeper of the Doom Horn"
Played by Alex Eilhauer
Name Melchoir
Species Immortal
Occupation Keeper of the Doom Horn that Blows at World's End
Affiliation Neutral

Melchoir, Keeper of the Doom Horn that Blows at World's End, is played by Alex Eilhauer.

Melchoir answered a Smeg's List ad placed by the goddess [Foo], and is now the immortal Keeper of the Doom Horn, which will summon all the forces of good, evil, & ambivalence when the world is about to end so they can fight for the soul of Foon. He cannot practice ahead of time, as it would cause confusion.

His not the original Keeper of the Doom Horn, having replaced the Louie Strongarm after the latter was part of a prank that destroyed the Cloud Kingdom and started the Great War of the Sea.

For money Melchior sells pictures of the Doom Horn (hornography). He also owns an enchanted kazoo, which he can use to identify how an individual will die. Melchoir sometimes attends Chunt's Night.


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