Melissa Deathridge
Melissa Deathridge
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 4, Ep 19 - Seven Years
Played by Matt Gourley
Name Melissa Deathridge
Nickname(s) Missy
Occupation Villain
Affiliation Formerly The Dark Lord

Melissa Deathridge is a former minion of The Dark Lord and a part of The Treacherous Trio of Treaky Trash with The Night Doctor and Ogre What’s Good at Magic.

Mellissa has only one arm and was orphaned young.

Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore first hears about Melissa Deathridge from Baron Ragoon in Season 4, Ep 5 - The Baron Visits and the group listed her originally on the Kill List, but then put onto the Capture List in Season 4, Ep 9 - The List.

Melissa is originally from the village of Deathridge. Her evil origin story began when she was two at a sleepover and involved putting a snake in a sleeping bag. Melissa is the more chaotic and antagonistic out of group, countering many of the suggestions of the hosts. However, she is very flirtatious. She holds no sense of decorum to other villains. She knows Earth Movies and can play the guitar. Her most recent acts of villainy was killing badgers, much to Chunt's concern.

Melissa Deathridge often goes to Villains' Night at The Strange Familiar. During Season 4, Ep 19 - Seven Years, she finds out about Adulterers' Night and names the Unnameable Mountain, Slobodan.

Melissa Deathridge is played by Matt Gourley.



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