Mentis, the Mental Merchant
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 4, Ep 2 – Mind Games
Played by Anthony Burch
Name Mentis
Nickname(s) Menti (affectionally)
Occupation Mental Merchant

Mentis, is a merchant in Nibblebottom who buys sells memories and emotions in vials. He is notoriously bald and has a hard time remembering his past before meeting his business partner, Vredla. It is later revealed that his memories was extracted by Vredla and used to make him fall in love with her, which he eventually takes a potion to feel Vredla's emotions of love. He is also a known pervert.

His concoctions, called Mentinis, are sold at The Strange Familiar.

Mentis is played by Anthony Burch.



  • Season 4, Ep 2 — "Mind Games" (w/ Beth May & Anthony Burch from Dungeons & Daddies)
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