Merlinda Flimpery
Merlinda Flimpery
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "The Namer"
Played by Irene Marquette
Name Merlinda Flimpery
Species Humanish
Occupation Namer

Merlinda Flimpery is a namer, a sacred and highly regarded job in Foon. She will create names for mystical creatures that are appropriate but not easily guessed, as these creatures will lose their power if their true name (called a "sacred" name) is uttered aloud. To help her pick names for clients, she excels at reading physicality and auras, and has a private investigator license and can therefore track her clients to learn more about them. She also has a knack for guessing names. "Merlinda Flimpery" is not her true name, as she keeps this secret in order to protect herself.

Merlinda Flimpery is played by Irene Marquette.

Early Life

Her mother was a Water Woman (a woman who lives in water), and her father was a Color Weaver. As a young child, she and her siblings were locked in a tower weaving color for her father. She escaped the tower by braiding her incredibly long hair, and using it as a rope to slide down to safety. After she left her father, she was kidnapped by Stupid McDumbshanks. In order to protect herself, she got a private investigator's license, and presumably used that along with her other skills to guess Stupid McDumbshanks' name, defeating him and allowing her to escape. Before she became a namer, she also had a brief stint in law enforcement.


Typical clients are given a list of sample names to see if they want to use her services. Once a client decides to receive a name from her, they meet in secret and she gives them their sacred name. She usually accepts favors as her fee, as the knowledge of all her clients' real names gives her leverage to call those favors in. Rumplestiltskin was an early client of hers. It is likely that The Dark Lord also received some kind of help from her, but she appears to be forbidden to mention anything regarding it, whether by namer's pact or a curse.


Merlinda can be contacted by whispering her true name into the breeze. (Her name will become known to you if you truly need her services.)


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