Metamore is a scrollish fellow who is usually with his companions at the Vermilion Minotaur engrossed in the role-playing game Offices & Bosses. Players in Offices & Bosses pretend to be workers in an office fighting to make it through the workday without being fired by any bosses.

Metamore offered his help to Usidore in defeating the Dark Lord; Usidore wholeheartedly accepted.

Metamore works as a stableboy, but discovered he may be dragonborn; he has had dreams of flying, breathing fire, and standing on a pile of gold; and he fell asleep when the Singing Sword sang a song to put dragons to sleep. The sword also offered to stab him (dragons cannot be stabbed) but he declined.

Particpants in Metamore's regular O&B group include:

  • Bromley: he has terrible body odor yet does not acknowledge it, as his character is always coming out of the shower
  • Wilfred: he is a walrus with krill caught in his mustache; he also has a B.O. problem
  • Zoomaboom: she is a pixie with an exhausting manic personality disorder. Caball’on Valentin has seen her going to the forest to look at the waterfalls; she cries and waterfalls come out of her eyes.

Metamore is played by Bill Arnett.

Episode Appearances

32 Offices & Bosses
92.1 Winter Solstice Bonus 2016
Offices and Bosses: 1 Flower from I.T.
Offices and Bosses: 2 Krom from I.T.
Offices and Bosses: 3 Singing Sword from I.T.
Offices and Bosses: 4 Caball'on from I.Tree
Offices and Bosses: 5 The I.T. Team
Offices and Bosses: Bonus - Teachers & Classrooms (Live from Very Very Fun Day in Chicago)

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