Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Homunculus"
Played by Jorin Garguilo
Name Metanoid Smanghanger
Species Homunculus
Occupation Familiar
Affiliation Blorth the Brown

Metanoid Smanghanger is a homunculus. Homunculi are made of any of four classic humors selected by their masters when they are created. Some of the humors include tears or vomit, but Metanoid's are blood, urine, feces, and semen.

Homunculi are magical constructs which act as familiars to and are controlled by their masters. Metanoid's master is Smanghanger the Diminished, aka Blorth the Brown, but with his master being rather depressed, Metanoid enjoys a bit more freedom than most homunculi. His name was formed from the four runes (me, ta, no, and duh) written in a parchment embedded in his body during creation. If its master was ever to die, move to another plane, or fall into a deep sleep, the homunculus would explode into its original components and cease to exist.

Metanoid is played by Jorin Garguilo.


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