Midwives in Foon are magical. Unlike Earth, where the midwife simply aides the mother giving birth, in Foon, the midwife literally takes over for the mother halfway through her pregnancy by transferring their soul inside the mother.

Becoming A Midwife

Midwives must pledge themselves to be "married" to the great god Pitocin, and remain single so no one has to deal with midwives transferring their soul into another midwife.

Transferring of Souls

Midwives transfer their souls into mothers in the middle of the pregnancy, sometime during the third pentamester. This allows the midwife to assume all of the burden and pain of late pregnancy and birth. The mother's soul remains dormant, and does not experience any of it, which is an incentive for the mother to desire more children instead of a traumatic experience. Midwives obtain this power directly from the great god Pitocin, who is the God of Souls.


  • Some steps may be taken by midwives to reduce the pain of birth, but the Surgeon General recommends against taking strong drugs like morglorb as it may harm the child. Weedies, flowers found on weedy plants, can help if chewed.
  • Midwives can perform for any sentient species. Vampires and goblins are seen as particularly difficult, and Angels are among the most pleasant.
  • They are not against performing a Sefarius Section if medically necessary.
  • They hold a Festival of Cunnilinga every year.
  • The mother does not have to be married: many magical beasts do not have wedding rites, and more progressive midwifes have no problem working for partners, or even unwed mothers.
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