Migas is an island (or series of isles) located on Foon.

Leprechauns are native to Migas1. The main export of Migas is spices, used mostly in making spiced potatoes, but also pizza2. An embargo of Migosian spices affected many Foonish taverns and restaurants3.

Migasian chocolate is considered fancy.4

Migas was once home to a famous Manticore, but it was defeated by Arnor the Warrior as one his great feats.5

It is possibly located on The Lake, as there have been reports of pirates "from Migas" on The Lake.

The large magic school of Thunderweist is located in the Migosian Isles.6

Migosians know the red wizard Jyn’Leeviyah as "Ukkosta Kassvista".7

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