Mira Mirror
Mira Mirror
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance Season 3, Ep 99
Played by Niccole Thurman
Name Mira
Species Mirror
Occupation Magic Mirror

Mira Mirror is a magic mirror who has recently left the employ of an evil queen. Her duties were to tell the queen she was beautiful, and had to depart the kingdom when the queen did not appreciate the tone of voice she used.

A friend of hers, a magic carpet, gave her a ride to show her the world, before dropping her off in a forest where she was discovered by Usidore.

She is ornate and 6 feet tall, and is looking forward to finding a new purpose for herself not defined by reflecting others.

Mira does not actually know the name of the Queens she served, as the royal never introduced herself, though it was not Titania since the queen in question was recently married and busy being evil to her stepchild.

On Hello From the Magic Tavern

Usidore brings Mira to dive bar The Immortal Roach where she is interviewed by Usidore, Chunt, and a carfoon impersonating Arnie. After discussing her life and hopes, Usidore magically gives her legs, six arms, a faceless head and a face embedded in her mirror. She leaves in the company of a gentleman.

Mira Mirror is played by Niccole Thurman



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