Mirror Realms

A Mirror Realm is your typical alternate universe. There are an infinite number of dimensions, and double that many mirror dimensions — according to the Pandenomicon each dimension has a dark version of itself, and these are known as the Mirror Realms.

Known Mirror Realms

Evil Mirror World

The "evil" mirror realm is a land where Arnie, Chunt, and Usidore have a goatee and two eyepatches between them, and are servants of The Dark Lord. In this reality, Arnie goes by his trickster name Carnival Wilson and is a powerful trickster god. Chunt is married to Arnie, changing his name to Wendigo Wilson, and has given up shapeshifting forever in the form of a Wendigo, forsaking sexual pleasure and wanting only raw human meat. He also has one huge butthole. Finally, Usidore the Black gave up his wizard powers and became a dark sorcerer.

Cowboy World

In the cowboy dimension, the Hello from the Dusty Saloon podcast takes place at the Dusty Saloon in the town of Hogswood in the land of High Foon. Arnie hosts along with his companions Ulysses the Cowboy and Champ the Talking Horse.

Family Friendly Dimension

In the family friendly dimension, the Hey Kids, it’s a Magic Tavern! podcast takes place on Hogsface Street in Foon. Arnie hosts along with his companions Usidore the Blue Wizard and the shapeshifter Dewey the Dolphin.

B-Movie Sci-Fi Universe

In the B-movie sci-fi universe, the podcast is a bi-monthy transmission Arnie hosts along with his companions scientist Dr. Ulrich Zadore and Chant the Space Angel.

Mirror Worlds Counterparts

Evil World

Regular Foon Evil Mirror World Counterpart
Arnie Carnival Wilson
Chunt Wendigo Wilson
Usidore The Blue Usidore the Black
Portal behind a Burger King Portal behind a Chick-fil-A
"Bing Bong!" "Bash Bop!"
"Yeah, Baby!" "Oh No, Child!"
"Chunt, Please!" "Wendigo Fuck Yourself!", "Wendigo, Thank You!"
Make Out Point Handjob Highway
Spintax the Green Spintax the Blue
Can the Yellow Can the Green
Tannakin The Pinglet Tannakin The Terrible
Blemish Blemish
Pizza Skull Calzone Skull
Bungaree Chubbins Evil Bungaree Chubbins
Dr. Ward Dr. Ward
Jyn'Leeviyah Ken'Leeviyah
Arnor Carnor, the Greatest Car Robot in Foon
Louis A. Shark Louis A. Shark
chuntttttt@gmail.com wennndigowilson@hotmail.com
magictavern@puppies.supplies eviltavern@puppies.supplies
homepage at hellofromthemagictavern.com fanpage on myspace

Cowboy World

Regular Foon Cowboy Mirror World Counterpart
Hello from the Magic Tavern Hello from the Dusty Saloon
The Vermilion Minotaur The Burgundy Bronco
Hogsface Hogswood
The Magical Land of Foon The Wild West World of High Foon
Arnie Arnie
Chunt the Shapeshifter Champ the Talking Horse
Usidore The Blue Ulysses D. L'Amour the Cowboy
Portal behind a Burger King in Chicago Portal behind a Golden Corral in the Chicago suburbs
"Bing Bong!" "Clip Clop!"
The Dark Lord Donnie
Squibbert Miss Quibbert
Make Out Point Touch Tongues Cavern
Wizard State Sheriff State
usidorerocks.com ulyssesrocks.com
"Chunt's up what that?" "Champ's up what that?"
Rainbow Bowl Dust Bowl
Daphne the unwed mother Daphne
Boys' Night Cowboy Night
magictavern@puppies.supplies dustysaloon@puppies.supplies
chuntttttt@gmail.com champppppppppppppppp@gmail.com
@chuntttttt @saddlebetheday
Flower Flowers Orphan
Jyn’Leeviyah the Red Jennifer Lassio
Dungeon Haunted mineshaft
Chunt dying from a curse Champ dying of consumption
So much child death So much Flynn death
Lunar Sword Crescent Revolver1

Family Friendly Dimension

Regular Foon Family Friendly Dimension Counterpart
Hello from the Magic Tavern Hey Kids, it’s a Magic Tavern!
Portal behind a Burger King in Chicago Portal behind a Little Beans Café in Evanston, Illinois
The Magical Land of Foon The Magical, Fantastical, Family Friendly Land of Foon
Dimensional portal can't be re-entered and left Arnie stranded in Foon Portal stayed open, so at the end of each day Arnie goes back to his world and his family
The Vermilion Minotaur The Purple Minotaur
Hogsface Hogsface Street
Arnie Arnie
Shapeshifter Chunt the Badger Shapeshifter Dewey the Dolphin
Chunt changes shape by whatever he has sex with Dewey changes shape by whatever he * h u g s *
Chunt has two buttholes Dewey has two blowholes
Usidore, Wizard of the 12th Realm of Ephysiyies, Master of Light and Shadow, Manipulator of Magical Delights, Devourer of Chaos, Champion of the Great Halls of Terr'akkas. The elves know me as Fi’ang Yalok. The dwarfs know me as Zoenen Hoogstandjes. And I am also known in the Northeast as Gaismunēnas Meistar. (full name) Usidore The Blue Wizard (full name)
Flower Flower aka Blossom
Blemish Blemish
Cats come out of Blemish's mouth Baby chicks come out of Blemish's mouth
Minion of The Dark Lord Minion of The Dark Mood
The Wizard State The Emotion State
Can the Wizard Can-Do the Wizard
Twosidore Fourteenidore
Melchior, Keeper of the Doom Horn that Blows at World’s End Melchior, Keeper of the Doom Horn that Plays at the End of the Show

B-Movie Sci-Fi Universe

Regular Foon B-Movie Sci-Fi Universe Counterpart
Hello from the Magic Tavern Hello from the Future
a weekly podcast a bi-monthly transmission
Portal behind a Burger King in Chicago Mysterious door behind a Bob Evans in Wapakoneta, Ohio
Arnie former starting quarterback for the Cincinnati Bengals Arnie
Chunt the Badger/Shapeshifter Chant the Space Angel
Chunt working as a guard Chant as part of The Magnet Guard
Chunt has two buttholes Chant has three painful penises and four testicles, but no buttholes
Chunt's wooden stick arm Chant's metal wing

Some of the mirror worlds counterparts may have the same name as the ones on regular Foon, but it is not always known how (or if) they differ.

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