Mister Chauncey
Mister Chauncey
Hello from the Magic Tavern character
First appearance "Gettin' Nuts"
Played by Paul F. Tompkins
Name Mister David Chauncey Jr.
Species Faun
Occupation Portal guard/Janitor/Mayor

Mister David Chauncey Jr., usually known as Mister Chauncey, is a fancy little faun who wears a waistcoat. "Mister" is his actual first name.

Mister Chauncey eats mostly nuts. If he hears any four-lettered word beginning with F and ending in N, it is too close to "faun" and his brain short circuits.

Mister Chauncey is originally from the town of Portalia in the Northeast, once famous for its portals to other dimensions, until they all closed. Chauncey was a guard for the last working portal, which led to Eng-Land, through which children used to entered Foon to go on adventures, and described Earth television shows to Chauncey. While in Portalia Chauncey was expected to worship a lion who was often killed by witches and resurrected. Mister Chauncey was not fond of the children or the lion but was sad to lose his job after the portal closed.

He came to Hogsface looking for work, and for a time supported himself cleaning privies. During the Truce of Hogsface when the trio is administering the town Arnie, Chunt & Usidore appoint Mr. Chauncy as one of the town co-mayors.

Mister Chauncey is played by Paul F. Tompkins.


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